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- currently in POST-Production  - 


Director / Producer / Editor

 The Godfathers of Hardcore (#TGFHC) is currently in post production and is set for release in 2017.  The film is an intimate portrait focusing of two of the most respected men in underground music, Roger Miret & Vinnie Stigma of the iconic NYHC band Agnostic Front.   



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12 Kilometers

Executive Producer

Set against a backdrop of 1980s Russia, a drill team will dig the deepest hole known to man. Dredged from this abyss is an entity that will bring them face to face with their most terrifying fears.
12KM is the new horror film from director Mike Pecci. 
Produced by McFarland & Pecci Films.

   Rungs in a Ladder

Director / Producer / Editor

DP - Heather McGrath
A meditation on life, art, and purpose, the film centers on Jacob Bannon, an accomplished visual artist and the front man of the metal/hardcore band Converge, which has been carving its own iconoclastic path through the extreme music landscape for over twenty years. As a result, the band is considered one of the most intense and influential metal/hardcore bands of all time with a massive following of devoted fans.

The Outlaw

 Director / Producer / DP / Editor

Professional MMA fighter Dan Hardy is 'the Outlaw'. He lives the life of a fighter and stands apart inside and outside the ring. He gets paid to beat people up and he loves every minute of it but Hardy finds himself at a crossroads as things build to the next fight. Hardy will make anyone regret ever challenging him...but what happens next?

Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy has lost his last four fights. On Saturday May 26th, 2012 he will fight for his career.

The Problem Solver

Director / Producer / Editor

UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon is a killer in the Octagon, though you’d never think it if you met him. Quiet and thoughtful, Lauzon takes us on a nighttime running tour of his native Boston while opening up about his love of fighting and his need to compete. For the former computer science major, each MMA fight is like a math problem, with a solution built on breaking down your opponent. 

Killswitch Engage:  New Awakening

Director / Producer / Editor

See a short clip from a film that follows the international metal act Killswitch Engage while they spend a year in the studio writing and recording their new album with their original singer Jesse Leach.

Meshuggah "Alive"  Concert Film

 Director / Producer / DP / Editor 

Watch the trailer for a film that follows the iconic Swedish Metal band Meshuggah on their 2009 US & Canadian North American Tour. 


Executive Producer / Producer

A Punisher Fan Film that I produced and  was directed by my business partner Mike Pecci but was never released due to MARVEL shutting us down just before its release.

Read all about why HERE.

Push: Madison v. Madison

Writer / Editor

Madison Park Vocational, Roxbury, Massachusetts. A rag-tag but talented high school hoops team tries to hold itself together. Graced with a handful of sharp shooters and savvy ball-handlers, they also struggle, both on and off the court, in a deteriorating public school system and the turbulence of life in the Boston inner city: rival gangs, a chilling murder rate, destructive families, and the struggle to stay in school and on the team. Closing in on the end of the season, the team has gone 15-0 and has a shot at a state championship and an undefeated season for the first time in history. 

Chip on my Shoulder: The Cautionary Tale of Slapshot (2008)

 Director / Producer / DP / Editor

Boston, Massachusetts 1985: The first great wave of hardcore-punk bands like SSD, DYS, and Jerry's Kids were breaking up or moving on, leaving a generation of kids and adults inspired and in search of someone, something, or some band to light the powder keg once more.

Enter Slapshot; a viciously unapologetic new take on hardcore-punk that stemmed from the seemingly polar opposite personalities of singer Jack "Choke" Kelley, guitarist Steve Risteen, and drummer Mark McKay and put the Boston scene back on the map

 "Chip on My Shoulder" follows the members of Slapshot through their turbulent twenty-year history, documenting every up and down along the way. It is an unflinching look into the life of a band that was seemingly destined to implode from its very inception. The film is a story of friendship and betrayal, loss and redemption, self-destruction and sacrifice. Born in the streets and underground music halls of Boston, Slapshot went on to inspire millions worldwide while simultaneously tearing a group of friends apart.

Rooters: The Birth of Red Sox Nation (2007)


  Director / Producer / Editor


Rooters: The Birth of Red Sox Nation" is the story of Boston fans; from their "birth" as the 200 "Roxbury Rooters" in 1897 to their transformation into millions known today as RED SOX NATION. Through rare images and film the saga is told by Boston baseball legends like Johnny Pesky and Peter Gammons, historians, Red Sox players and officials, everyday fans and the Red Sox Nation members descended from the original "Rooters". Super-Fans like "Nuf Ced","Honey-Fitz" and the "Queen of Fenway Park" come to life as the film shows how the foundation was laid for today's Fenway Faithful. Linking past to present, "Rooters" is the heartwarming tale of how generations of fans have passed on their love for the Red Sox like a family heirloom. This two-volume DVD follows the story from "The Birth of Red Sox Nation" Vol. 1, to the modern day phenomenon of how "Red Sox Nation Lives" Vol. 2.