"Godfathers acts as a dynamic, crucial companion piece to American HardcoreThe Decline of Western Civilization and other films chronicling the evolution of Eighties punk."

Matt Diehl- Rolling Stone


“A must-see”



"This film delivers the unexpectedly human side of hardcore while meditating on longevity and authenticity."  McFarland uses his craftsmanship along with rare access to weave The Godfathers of Hardcore into something more than a rock doc. The camerawork gives Roger and Vinnie space to contemplate while the pacing carries each scene, into what ultimately becomes a story of kinship and love." 

Eric Gulliver - Producer, PBS American Experience


"This film is not only an important piece of hardcore music history but it also tells the story of friendship, honor, perseverance and truth.  Art and music that changes the course of humanity comes from real genuine struggle and passion. This film captures that passion that struggle that defines a genre of music, sealed the bonds of friendship and family. The Legendary band Agnostic Front is finally recognized for who they are and their impact of music as a whole. It's easily one of the most powerful and important musical documentaries of the hardcore culture of our lifetime. Hardcore culture and hardcore pride captured is captured in this film. Respect due!" 

Jesse Leach - Killswitch Engage


"The Godfathers of Hardcore tells the story of NY Hardcore with respect and true historical context. It digs through the gritty, aggressive layers to the graceful humanity that drove a bunch of street kids to form a scene accepting of everyone regardless of race, color,or creed. Known for being simple and brutal in it’s music and message, McFarland reveals a bond of love and brotherhood that has survived decades on the underground, and continues today."

CJ Ramone - The Ramones


"If you're part of the hardcore punk family you need to see this film it was truly awesome"

Jimmy Gestapo - Murphy's Law


"A unique and intimate look at the faces of one NYC's strongest counter cultures. Well done!" A superbly crafted story chronicling the relationship between two of New York Hard Core's most iconic figures.  McFarland has masterfully peaked behind the curtain of one of New York City's strongest counter cultures and revealed the love and sacrifice that is shared between two of it's most iconic faces.  He has been able to put a human face on music documentary." 

Sean Stack -  Executive Producer,  National Geographic


"Standing leagues above the standard rock-n-roll origin tale, The Godfathers of Hardcore artfully examines two legendary examples of that rarest of breeds- youthful rebels whose circumstances and convictions first compel them to exist on the fringes of normal society, then continue to sustain them after they refuse to capitulate to the status quo well into middle age. Given the abrasive nature of the music that shaped its subjects, The Godfathers of Hardcore is a weighty and strangely beautiful film, leading the viewer to consider both mortality and meaning in their own existence. Highly recommended!"

D. Randall Blythe - Lamb of God / Author of the national best-selling memoir, Dark Days. 


I have been a fan of AF since seeing them in '84. This film is the "golden ticket" to a time machine ride through the early days of American Hardcore, seen through the eyes of two of it's most influential forefathers. If you were not there, here is the next best thing!!! Whatever you do see this movie! No Rockumentary has ever connected with me on so many levels! What ever you do, see this film!!!!  This film is a must see!!!!

Al Barr - The Dropkick Murphys


"Having seen Agnostic Front countless times in the early 80's at Great Gildersleeves, A7, CBGB’s, and other NYC venues I'm so happy that the filmmakers did such an amazing job capturing and representing both the band and the scene they came from."

Moby - Electronic Artist