First off I want to saw thank you to you all for being part of this film.  We could not of shot the amount of footage and quality of footage without your support.   Its been a very big undertaking but as of this late fall 99% of the film has been shot.   now that we have all the footage we need  we have been putting in some serious hours in the edit suite and I  can say with confidence that We have a very cool film.  Its truly is shaping up to be something very special  and we are very excited to show it to all of you.

 currently I'm working on the 4th pass of the edit,  archival negatives from as early as 1983  are being scanned, the color looks are being reviewed and decided on and the composer has been sending us roughs  for the score.  

Our goal is to have the film at picture lock within the next 60 days and then focus on working with the composer on scoring the entire film.  We feel that we are on the home stretch  with this monster!  Thank you so much for you contribution and helping us get thus far.

Keep your eye out for some clips and scenes from the film we plan to release very soon.  In the meantime check out some BTS photos Taken through out 2016. 

BEHIND the scenes photos