I just completed a 10 day shoot in DC for a food-centric series called Chefs Dish DC.  THe five part web series brings you face to face with some of the most dazzling dishes WASHINGTON D.c. has to offer, and the culinary masterminds who find inspiration with each bite. 

See the series TEASER below. 

BOSE: Better Sound Sessions - Seinabo Sey

I just wrapped up editing another Bose: Better Sound Session featuring Sweden's Seinabo Sey.

Executive Producer: Margie Sullivan

Produced by McFarland & Pecci, 

Directed by Mike Pecci.  

Edited by Ian McFarland 

Killswitch Engage 'Strength of The Mind" Music Video Shoot

I just finished directing a GREAT music video shoot for Killswitch Engage and their now track "Strength of The Mind".  This has a REALLY fast turn around so I am jumping into post tomorrow! The video should be released within a week of shooting it.


Recently I wrapped up on editing the first two episodes on a series for BOSE called BOSE: Better Sound Sessions. The series was produced by McFarland and Pecci along with amazing Margie Sullivan and was directed by my very talented partner Mike Pecci. The first episode features the California based band Beat Connection and was shot using a gorgeous mix of fluorescent and Edison lighting giving it a very unique and interesting look . Check out the first episode HERE