Stills from a new COMMERCIAL SPOT

Directed by Ian McFarland

Production Company: Conductor Productions


KILLSWITCH EnGage “the signal Fire” music video Feat. Howard Jones

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Killswitch Engage Narrative Music Video - Focus on Suicide Prevention

Creative Director & Writter: Ian Mcfarland

Freemasons “Welcome to the Craft” Series

“Welcome to the Craft” is a three part portrait series directed & edited by Ian McFarland focuses on three very different

Freemasons and their unique stories. All looking for three men are devoted to their craft and leaving their mark on this planet in their own unique way.

EPISODE I : “A Seeker”

Introspective in nature and genuinely appreciative of the world around him, David is a kind person seeking to leave the world a better place. In this piece witness David’s story of his move from inner city New York to central Massachusetts, the discovery of internal peace through nature and meditation, and the constant effort to give back to his community.


EPISODE II : “A Tattoo Artist”

But not just a tattoo artist, a true artist in every facet of his life. From early days of snowboard designs, to advertising, touring with famous bands, to today – he humbly leaves a mark on the world around him through his work. This story is about growth through creativity and creation, how your mark influences the people around you, and how he’s inspired by the different walks of life that converge in Lodges.


EPISODE III: “A Musician”

This is a story about a man’s constant desire to uncoil every day stresses through his love of music; how the simple act of writing has the power to recharge his batteries, inspiring him “… to give his wife an extra kiss on the cheek,” as he so genuinely puts it. His home studio is a quiet place he can draw from the stories and experiences of those around him he loves most.